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Dog Food for a Boxer There are many things to consider when it comes to bringing a dog home and taking care of said dog with the highest level of care. There are many things to consider, like what toys to purchase, and most importantly, what they will eat. Many people are adopting boxer dogs for their handsome looks and fun personalities, and it’s imperative that new owners educate themselves on the unique dog food needs of the boxer breed. With all of the dog food brands out there, it can be difficult to know what to look for, and there are a few things to be aware of when looking for the best dog food for your boxer. When it comes to playfulness and need to be active, boxers rank very towards the beginning of the list. Boxers tend to not become lazier with age, and need to maintain regular walks and exercise to stay out of trouble. Because they are doing so much with their energy, they need to have the nutrients to continue to do so. Boxers need a lot of protein, just like their human counterparts that thrive when frequently working out. Many dog foods have a large amount of grains, but look for a dog food that has meat and protein higher on the ingredients list. This will help their active muscles and give them the calories they need to support their activity level. Nutrients that support joint and bone health, such as calcium, are also needed in boxer dog food. If there is a dog that puts a lot of stress on their legs, it is a boxer, since they tend to play standing on their back legs. To keep legs working and strong, calcium in the dog food isn’t an option, it is vital.
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One last thing to think about is food allergies that commonly occur with boxers. Boxers have breed specific allergies that commonly manifest in problems with their skin or repeated bowel or intestinal digestive complications. One of the ingredients that causes these problems most commonly is wheat, which many lower-end dog foods have as one of their first ingredients. Occasionally, a boxer will be allergic to specific protein sources, and while this is more rare, it is important to note. Of course, this is unique to each boxer so it may take some time of trial and error to find the ideal food, but you can start in the right direction by finding food with lower grain contents.
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When bringing a boxer home, it’s important to know how to feed them to ensure a great quality of life. Giving them the best nutrition is the perfect way to be certain they will live a great life for many years to come.