That’s fine for the bankers?

Yes, this is possible. Banks also pay penalties, which are quite tangible. To the delight of borrowers who were once offended by Bank fines. Fined mainly Supervisory bodies, and help them in many ways for the customers of banks.
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Banking violations today, a huge number, but they often go unnoticed, and for these violations is paid by borrowers who do not even know it.But there is another side of this. Today, many officials and oversight bodies just littered with complaints. And write complaints to several entities:

Offended employees of a Bank.
Competitors who are not asleep.

What violations of the banks most popular?

False ads about the cost of credit.
Hidden fees and payments that are not reported to the client.
Illegal fines and penalties imposed on customers.
Illegal fees.
Illegal use of credit products.
Attempts to avoid taxation.
The provision of false information.
The violation of rights.
Violation of the conditions of competition.
Unilaterally changing the terms of the contract.
False advertising, etc.

For example, recently the Federal Antimonopoly service (the FAS) has fined the Bank for false advertising of a credit product. The officials lodged a complaint with the citizen and confirmed what the Bank really advertised on TV the loan at a favorable interest rate of 9.9% per annum.

While these conditions showed lending to consumers unreadable fine print at the end of the video and for a very short time. The penalty for such violation is generally 100-500 thousand rubles.

Also in August 2012, 100 thousand roubles of the penalty from the FAS received Raiffeisenbank for sending its customers promotional messages via SMS. A complaint to the FAS asked one of the customers of the Bank, stating that did not consent to receive advertising in writing and even refused it in the contract.

40 thousand rubles for violation of the rights of minors was also fined the Bank is Connected after a very controversial history with scammers. As it turned out, the young clients at the request of third persons opened in the Bank Bank card, which for a small fee then passed on to fraudsters. Those using a variety of clever combinations removed from data cards money and kept them to himself.

The audit of the Bank began after an appeal to the office many parents in a short period of time. The Civil code stipulates that citizens from 14 to 18 years of age cannot get loans. And here were not even notified parents.

In the summer of 2012 in Chuvashia was violated the law on protection of competition. When issuing auto loans, Alfa-Bank offered its clients only 2 certain insurance companies, for which he was fined 500 thousand rubles.

Such cases are not isolated. Sadly, many individuals in Russia do not know their rights, for what they suffer. Here you can advise only the following:

Carefully read the terms of the contract.
Detailed examination of the received loan and the conditions.
Ask questions if anything is unclear.
Not all agree in the banks.
In controversial situations, or when it seems that cheating, to apply to the Federal Antimonopoly service or Rospotrebnadzor.

It should also be noted that in case of delay of monthly payments not always required to pay fines and penalties. According to the civil code, many of them illegal and not justified. In difficult situations it is often better to go to court, which will reconsider their relationship with the Bank and will make the fair decision.